How to track my sons iphone

Good parenting IMO. Originally Posted by ryuu I would also recommend the find my iphone over find my friends. You can have multiple icloud accounts linked to a device, but only one can be active with find my iphone.

Setup a icloud account for him for all the other stuff. Add your icloud account and only check the find my iphone feature. You can even go a step further and under restrictions, disable changes to accounts and disable changes to location settings. He will not be able to change it with out a passcode. Originally Posted by applehead Find my Friends changes can be disabled in Restrictions as well. It's much easier to use for this since it stays logged in and can track as many friends as you wish with a very easy to use interface. Big Mother is watching you lol. I'd go with Find My iPhone.

Cross-platform Compatibility (Android to iPhone)

That way you can install a tracking app under the guise of just being able to track it down if it's stolen. I have not personally tested but I will go with Find My iPhone. For kids or teenagers, it is good as it is always good to know who they are mixing with or their locations. My year-old son has epileptic seizures and is now wearing an Embrace by Empatica sensing watch.

I have had two alerts today while he was out and about.

How To Find Anyone's Location With A iPhone (very easy)

Then you can listen to the surrounding noise which will help you know where your son is at present. This will help you track the past as well as the real-time location of your son. Track Text messages — most teenagers use text messaging service for chatting. If your son is also doing so then get all the text messages and SMS tracked using this application.

Now download the application on the target device. Once the application is downloaded, you can start the installation process which merely takes a few minutes for the app to get downloaded and installed. Step 2- create an account- when the application is downloaded and installed you can register yourself to this app using valid email id and password. Now, you log in to your account and open the application.

Step 3- start monitoring- when you have logged in to your account you have to follow the same process to get this application working in your device. Now you can see all the information and activities notification on your device. Once all the three steps are completed, you can view the call details, read messages, access to social media sites. Also you can view pictures and videos, track the location and crack password using keylogger.

How to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing

The application will give every minute detail of your son without him knowing. For more information, visit the above-mentioned link.

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Part 1. How to track my son’s iPhone without him knowing?

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