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So you can start the motion detection either with camera or video. We've changed the way we handle video files so we can manager big files. If you rotate the device while in the camera mode, it will not rotate. It is back in this new version. It always shows back camera. Sorry for this inconvenience. It was not working at all when saving video files. So, set the chunk size property to control the time you want to record when motion is detected. Not so pretty, but you can rewind or seek forward the audio file.

Swipe is available in edit mode too.

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A white mark will appear on the right side of selected files. Only pics and video. We want to thank you all those who reported and helped us to find and solve these issues. We appreciate your patience! If you misspell your PIN nothing will happen.

No more waiting nor black screens when you stop recording a video. Thank you all for your support, patience and feedback! It used to be by tapping once on the screen, but you could stop or start a video by mistake.

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Now you have to tap with TWO fingers to start or stop a video. Double tap to go back as before. We had to change some features to comply with Apple's Guidelines regarding privacy. Place the device in a steady position with a cradle or something and tap any of the camera buttons. No audio detection trigger for now. You have 3 seconds after tapping the camera button and before the detector begins to place the device in a steady position. Once the detector detects movement or a sudden ambient light change it will start recording video for 2 minutes and after that it will start checking for motion again.

Once the detector detects movement or a sudden ambient light change it will save a picture every 3 seconds if there's still movement. Motion detector must be stopped manually, it won't use any of the other settings such as delay or sequencer. Also, it is hidden from the home screen and the launcher.

Also, you cannot locate it from the task manager. This is also another leading iPhone spy camera app that allows you to record video feeds without being noticed. It comes with an Alibis and the Swipe Transparency features. The Alibis feature will load the screenshots and pictures, which will be a disguise for you to record the video. The swipe transparency will allow you to swipe the finger up and down to regulate the transparency of the screen. This also helps hide the live streaming from showing on the screen.

This is a hidden Camera that allows you to capture videos without any problem. You can record and capture the photos by tapping on the screen. Alternatively, you may use one of the smart shooting modes that are included. There is also a motion detector that lets you save on the storage space by shooting or recording. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detector and adjust the behavior as well.

You will have a Clock face background and place the phone on the table, which will the record easily. This is yet another top iPhone spy camera app that allows you to enjoy more with it. It comes with different features and functions. You can use the camera app easily without being noticed. The shutter and flash are deactivated automatically. This is an app that has been designed by Crowded Road and it is meant to allow you get the most out of it.

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It is claimed that the real private investigators use this app. It comes with some amazing features and functions. There are a number of triggers that can start the app and you can shoot our photos and videos with ease. Camera to DVD Solution: I was really bored of using those monotonous features which most of the slideshow makers offer but I found real creative features here in this to Slideshow Maker Stock Video.

Spyera This is supposedly the best spy camera app for iOS and also the leading spy app that will allow you to perform a number of functions at a go.

It comes loaded with other features and functions. It also allows you to record secretively. It is easy to use and will use less space on your iPhone. It is quite expensive, compared to its competitors. You will need to use your iPhone if you want to operate the live feeds on the monitor. It will require you to jailbreak your phone. SpyVid This is also another leading iPhone spy camera app that allows you to record video feeds without being noticed. It is quite cheap, costing only about 1 dollar. It is also quite easy to operate. It is secretive as well Cons: The app can confuse you when the situation is too tight.

This is when you are using the Swipe Transparency. Easy Calc This is a hidden Camera that allows you to capture videos without any problem. The flash will be deactivated automatically. It is secure enough since it comes with a secret pin code. You can adjust the brightness of the camera to record with ease. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for mSpy. I also like that I can adjust settings, deciding which contacts, sites or apps to block or allow.


I can also block any suspicious contacts, if such occur. A nice choice for modern parents. Safeguarding kids is of key importance for every parent. And mSpy helps me keep an eye on my daughter when I cannot be close to her. The WiFi connectivity permits the user to download the captured content wirelessly. Whenever gathering undercover body worn video footage, there is always a possibility that extra battery juice is required but no reasonable way to recharge when you are out.

The iSmart is a small external battery pack that simply connects to the iPhone Case via the supplied USB cable to recharge back to full capacity. The Power Bank uses intelligent iSmart technology to automatically detect the correct voltage to safely charge any device fast and efficiently. Designed for law enforcement, private investigators, journalists or anybody who expects high quality secret video footage for example: presentation of anti-social behaviour, vandalism, animal or child or partner abuse.

This is an extremely well designed case that cradles your iPhone 7 in the same way as a normal case would do. The case operates independently as a surveillance recorder whether or not your iPhone 7 is placed in the case. You can use any iPhone that has the same dimensions as an iPhone 7 for example an iPhone 6 however, the rear camera on an iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 are in different positions therefore, please contact us to explain this further. This is not a functioning charging case.

Remember, this is actually a DVR digital video recorder cleverly integrated inside a modern iPhone 7 case. Simply connect the iPhone case to a computer via the supplied USB cable.

You can also charge the iPhone 7 case by mains power however, you will need a USB mains plug which we can supply from the menu above. Optionally, the iSmart power bank can also be purchased from the menu above and is ideal for use when travelling to fully recharge without a computer or mains power. The video camera is situated at the top of the case so when using your iPhone 7 in a casual manner - you can naturally capture video footage.

The case can also casually be placed on a table to capture activity. The iPhone 7 case requires natural lighting however, will also work superb in a pub or other lower lighting establishment.

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It is pin sharp true P resolution 30 FPS frames per second to please the most demanding clients. Using forward thinking technology, the app syncs the iPhone 7 case with your mobile phone thus removing the cumbersome setup procedure via USB cable and computer. The app also allows you to make changes to the iPhone 7 camera settings, download recorded video files, see live video and so much more! Order before pm on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Order after pm on Monday for delivery on Wednesday. Order before pm on Friday for delivery on Monday. Order after pm on Friday for delivery on Tuesday.

You can upgrade the speed of delivery as early as am the Next Working Day for the expedited fees shown below. These fees will also be shown during the Checkout. Note: If you wish to return an item the upgrade delivery fee is non-refundable in line with our legal Consumer Regulations.