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It no longer matters whether you have downloaded Facebook or activated a Google account , or given permission to some app or anti-virus program to access your contacts, camera and microphone. Whatever you do from that moment on, your new cellphone will be sharing details of your activity with the rest of the world. The software that comes pre-installed is the most accurate resource on your phone for predicting where you might be, what you might download, what messages you might send and what music you might listen to.

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It is the scale of it that makes it so serious: we are talking about hundreds of thousands of millions of Android phones. Researchers analyzed 1, phones made by manufacturers in countries. Instead, he and Tapiador analyzed the pre-installed apps on standard cellphones and it turns out that, due to a complex ecosystem of manufacturers, mobile operators, app developers and service providers , the guarantees offered by Android are looking less than foolproof.

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Our personal information is sent to a broad network of interested parties, some of which are controversial. In a research project on an unprecedented scale, Tapiador and Vallina created the app Firmware Scanner to pick up the pre-installed software on the cellphones of volunteers.

It is, in effect, an international landscape of hundreds of thousands of apps with common, dubious, unknown, dangerous and potentially criminal uses — a chaotic environment of mass surveillance with only the tip of the iceberg revealed by the year-long research. An Android cellphone is not produced by just one manufacturer. The chip comes from one company and the updates of the operating system will possibly be outsourced to another, while separate software will be added by the mobile operators and distributors.

The result is an ecosystem so complex that all the players can sidestep the responsibility of where our personal data ends up. Google created the open-code platform but this is now available to everyone. And what belongs to everyone belongs to no one. Consequently, each version of our Android cellphones tells its base what we are up to from the moment we turn it on, without skipping a beat.

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The problem is not only what is said about us, but also that the user has no control over the management of personal data. So why do they seek to reach agreements with manufacturers allowing them to be part of the pre-installed software? Imagine our data is stored in a house that has several floors.

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The Google Play apps would look like windows that we can open and close. Sometimes we let the data out and sometimes not. But what this user cannot know is that Android cellphones come with a door that is wide open all the time, making the windows irrelevant. As a result, new monitoring features appear regularly making people install the spying apps.

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When it comes to choosing to the best Android cell phone spy software, most people cannot make a final decision quickly. With the help of some of the best spy apps for Android, it is possible to follow the incoming and outgoing calls, track messages, check contacts, monitor browsing history, check social media, view photo and media files and much more. It seems that the functions of the best cell phone spy are unlimited. Studies have proven that today people are more open to share their personal information via social media networks.

This fact makes jealous partners seriously consider using spy apps to follow all the activities of their spouse. Once you know how to install a spy app on Android, it becomes very easy to monitor the Facebook and Instagram activity, view all photos and video uploaded and even the comments posted below.


However, you should note that using the spy software for Android is not lawful as it violates the personal freedom and ignores all legal requirements of the most countries. But how to protect the loved one without breaking any regulations? The answer is simple: to use parental control apps such as Pumpic that are legal. Most troubles children have nowadays are caused by the unlimited use of smartphones. The devices give access to a lot of inappropriate information.

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If you want to protect your child and be sure that they are always safe, consider using parental control app like Pumpic. Mobile monitoring software is a powerful tool that allows parents avert the potential danger before something bad has happened. Using the control app, you will know where your child is. You can secure your teen from meeting with strangers and becoming a victim of cyberbullying and online predators.

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